Top 8 product review websites in Nigeria

Nothing beats informed buying, especially at this time with so many companies producing the same thing. Product review websites exist to help customers get a good knowledge of the product they are looking to buy and also help them get the best possible deal in terms of price and discounts.

Product review websites perform in-depth research about a particular product and then provide detailed information about it including its specifications, full features, pros and cons and even price comparisons.

This information will help a potential buyer make an informed decision about the product. In some cases, product review websites also compare products against each other, listing both the advantages and disadvantages each product has over the other. Depending on what the buyer is looking for, the review will help them go for the product that best suits their needs.

Top 8 best product review websites in Nigeria:

1. Review Rites Nigeria

Owned by Adesanya Owolabi, Review Rites Nigeria is a fast-growing product review website in Nigeria. This website provides detailed information about products which helps their readers in making informed choices about getting a particular gadget. Review Rites Nigeria writes product reviews that cover price comparisons, market availability, full product information, including manufacturer’s information, and competitors’ and market alternatives. Sometimes, the reviews can also include FAQs and common solutions to complaints about a particular product.

There is also an option for manufacturers to contact Review Rites Nigeria personally to get their products or services reviewed.

2. Nigeria Product Review

This is another great website where Nigerians that can read unbiased reviews about products they are interested in buying. Reviews on Nigeria Product Review cover both Nigerian-made and imported products. The website also relies on consumer tips to produce a well-rounded review for each product they post.

Readers of the website are also allowed to make contributions by commenting under each product and stating what they feel about a product they have used or tried before. These user-created contributions can be exceptionally helpful as they are mostly coming from people who have had a first-hand experience with a particular product.

3. RavingBox

RavingBox is another great website to read informed reviews about different categories of products. The website publishes well-researched information about each product they review to help potential buyers reach an informed decision. also liaises with some companies to obtain in-depth information about their product in order to produce a trusted review for their readers.

4. Naij Review

NaijReview is a Nigerian review website that provides trusted reviews about places and products all around Nigeria. Their reviews cover a wide range of industries and merchandise, including bars/lounges, restaurants, hospitals/clinics, real estate, hotels, travel, banks, nightclubs, movies, etc. Reviews on NaijReview do not just help readers and intending buyers know more about a product or business they are interested in getting, the reviews also assist companies and business owners who seek to know the things they are doing right or wrong in their business and areas they need to improve on.

5. ReviewNaija

On the ReviewNaija website, you can search any Nigerian business you want to read a trusted review on. The reviews are there to help potential customers know about the business and the products and services they offer. Readers will also get other information such as the location of the business and the prices for their products and services.

6. NaijaTechGuide

NaijaTechGuide provides detailed information on numerous gadgets from smartphones to laptops and other devices. NaijaTechGuide was established in December 2006, by Paschal Okafor, a graduate of Electrical and Digital Engineering at the Enugu State College of Science and Expertise (ESUTECH). The website has since grown to become one of Nigeria’s most trusted product review sites.

7. Opinion Hero

This website conducts research to assist students, politicians, organizations, and personal sector corporations get detailed answers to their queries. Opinion Hero publishes surveys, market analysis, product assessments, service assessments, and group discussions on a wide array of topics.

8. Online Review NG

This is another great product review website that advertises great products for customers. Online Review NG has proven its worth over the years to direct customers to where they can get good products. Reviews on this website cover several categories and industries and readers are certain to find trusted reviews on anything they are looking on the Online Review NG website.

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