‘He is your son but you cannot do a DNA test’ – Wife tells husband

A woman whose husband was doubting the paternity of his son has shocked a human rights mediator after she vowed never to allow her husband to go for a DNA test.

The woman insisted that the son belongs to the man but refused to allow a DNA test to be performed.

The woman made the surprising position in front of a human rights mediator after her husband had gone to complain that he suspects that the boy isn’t his.

During the mediation led by a counsellor, the woman insisted the boy is the man’s child but refused to allow the man to go for a DNA test.

The woman told the mediator:

“I know I am the mother of the child and he is the father of the child but we cannot conduct a DNA test. I have my reasons. He did not tell me we were coming for a DNA test. He didn’t tell me. He told me it was just a meeting.”

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