Chicken kills its owner by mistake in India

Residents of Lothunur village in Telangana State, India, have been thrown into mourning after a male chicken mistakenly killed its owner during a cockfight.

The incident happened last week, February 22. The chicken owner, identified as Mr Tanugalla Satish, 45, died after his rooster pierced his groin area with the small knife attached to its leg as he was preparing it to fight with another chicken.

The mature rooster slashed its owner with a 3-inch sharp knife tied to its leg when it jumped from the man’s hand. Police said they have taken the chicken into “custody” and it will be presented in court as evidence during the explanation of Mr Satish’s death.

Local police who spoke to Times of India said:

“The knife pierced him in the groin region. It was a severe injury and he lost a lot of blood. We have to protect [the chicken], keep it alive and produce it in the court.”

Cockfighting was banned in India in 1960 but the practice is been conducted in secret in several parts of rural India. Following the regrettable death of the chicken owner, Police say they are looking for over a dozen men involved in the illegal exercise.

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