‘I have 13 children from different women’- Mr Ibu

Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor known as Mr Ibu has revealed during an interview with The Punch that the 13 children he has from different women proves his sexual prowess.

Mr Ibu said contrary to the believe that potbellied men are not always sexually active or good in bed, he has 13 children to the credit of his sexual virility.

His exact words during the interview were:

Some people have said that people with potbellies are not good lovers or sexually active but being good in bed is relative. My answer to this is that I have 13 children (10 boys and two girls) though I lost one of them. That is the evidence of my sexual virility. I hatch children like pigeons”.

The comic actor also explained that his paternity to the children is not as a result of infidelity. He explained that he had the children before marrying his wife and he is not a cheating husband.

He furthered explained that he had to leave that life because many women wanted to have children for him but he cannot build a primary school in his house.

However, Mr Ibu celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary few weeks ago. The actor took to his Instagram page to announce the celebration.

The post reads:

“It’s my wedding anniversary today, thank God for life… My pretty wife love you @realiburess”.

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