10 funny Nigerian jokes for adults only

This is a list of selected Nigerian jokes every adult will enjoy. Note that these jokes are for adults only, but, really, anyone can still have a good laugh with them.

Check out these adult jokes below:

These are some of the funniest adult only jokes you are going to find on the internet today. And the jokes are all original.

1. People who enjoy phone s*x are too creepy. I tried that s*it once and the holes were too tiny.


2. Husband: I need a ride.

Wife: Honey, you know I can’t drive.

Husband: I’m talking about the engine you are an expert of.


3. Doctor: How did you get your arm broken?

Man: The other night, my wife asked me how many women I’d slept with. I told her: “Just you. The others were always a threesome.”


4. A Nigerian woman gave her 5 sons the same name – John. Her neighbour, curious, asked: “How do you tell them apart?”

The woman answered: “Oh they all have different last names.”


5. Akpan: Which sex position produces the ugliest kids?

Teacher: Ask your mum.


6. In an adult education class, the teacher screams, “Give me an A!”

Class: A!

Teacher: Give me a B!

Class: B!

Teacher: Give me a C!

Class: C!

Teacher: Give me a D!

Teacher, shocked: “Okon, why did you pull down your trousers?”

Okon: You asked for the D!


7. Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Amaslap who?

Amaslap your as*.


8. Why does Santa carry a big sack? He comes only once a year.


9. What did Chike do with the salad? He tossed it.


10. Drop your wood on me, I’m your termite.

Let me examine your bone, I’m your archaeologist.

Stuff me with your product, I’m your Bagco bag.

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