5 best exercises for bigger butt in men

Oftentimes, the desire for a bigger butt appears more on the fitness goals of women than men. There’ve been several cases of Johny Bravo-looking men who have well-built upper bodies but rarely work their legs and butt.

It is also important to note at this time that while they can sometimes overlap due to proximity, leg and butt (glute) exercises can be entirely different.

Some men have been falsely led to believe that men don’t need bigger butts and hence no need to work their glutes. “That’s so gay” – some would say.

But more and more proof has appeared in recent times to support the need for well-defined glutes in men.

“Nothing builds strength and stability faster than working your glutes,” a fitness coach in one of Nigeria’s top gyms said. More stability means better posture and less risk of injuries, research has shown.

And it doesn’t just stop at the “strength and stability” benefits, many reports have also shown that men with “well-defined butt (glutes)” look sexier and are better admired by women than their “no-ass” counterparts. Working your glutes also creates the much-desired “balance” in your workout results, allowing for a better full-body build.

Based on evidence-based results, these are the best five butt exercises for men:

1. Barbell Squats

There are different types of squat exercises and accompanying variations – barbell squat, goblet squat, split squat, etc – but from our research the barbell back squat works best in getting your butt bigger. For best results, do 4 to 5 sets of at least 5 reps with no more than 120 seconds rest.

Man performing a barbell back squat

2. Walking Lunges (with dumbbells)

Walking lunges are better done with two dumbbells on each arm. While this exercise has been found to work your quads (thigh muscles extending to the leg) more than your glutes, evidence has shown that walking lunges help to automatically “set” your glute muscles in the best shape for expansion.

Walking lunges

3. Medicine ball squat

You can use this either as a warm-up on leg day or a closing exercise. The medicine ball squat and its variations target your glutes, thighs, upper body and core while also providing a good cardio boost. Do not let the sweat stop you.

Ball squat

4. Deadlift

Before squats, deadlifts work more muscles than any other exercise in the gym. The muscles targetted by a deadlift include but are not limited to hamstrings, glutes, back and hip muscles, core muscles, trapezius, etc. This compound exercise, if done right and consistently, gives good benefits on your butt and also the other nearby muscles.


5. Barbell Lunges

If you are looking for one exercise that will target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings (the three major muscles of your lower body) at a balance then barbell lunges are for you. This workout program combines the benefits of walking lunges and barbell squat in one.

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