Nigerian volunteer fighters must pay $1,000 for ticket and visa – Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria has stated that Nigerians who are willing to volunteer to join the Ukrainian Army to fight Russia will need to pay $1,000 for ticket and visa processing.

The Second Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy to Nigeria, Bohdan Soltys, also confirmed the development to reporters.

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, each person volunteering to join the fight in Ukraine must provide evidence of military experience, a valid international passport and $1,000 for tickets and others.

$1,000 – Non-negotiable

Bohdan Soltys explained that the volunteers will need to travel through Romania and Poland or Hungary since the airspace is closed due to the war.

“It is normal practice when people want to volunteer and join the army of another country. It is a normal international practice. Of course, for us, it is an expression of support which we really appreciate. For now, no one has gone. We have received hundreds of applications from people who said they are willing. We have sent lists to the government but I cannot tell you what will happen next.

The Ukrainian Embassy has received hundreds of applications from Nigerians so far but the next steps have not been announced.

In this particular case, you cannot fly to Ukraine. The only way you can fly is to countries that border Ukraine. All these countries are part of the EU and Nigerians will need visas to visit these countries. So, it is a big obstacle. You cannot fly directly to Ukraine. You will have to go to Poland or Hungary.”

Mr Soltys also reiterated that Ukraine is not recruiting mercenaries but volunteers, adding that the Nigerian volunteers would be paid the same as Ukrainian soldiers which is about $3400 per month as of 2022.

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