Full story of Bryshere Y. Gray’s family, marriage, wife and kids

Who is Bryshere Y. Gray?

Bryshere Y. Gray is an American actor and rapper. He is popularly known for his roles as “Hakeem Lyon” in “Empire” which also starred Taraji Henson and Jussie Smollett and as “Tyrell” in the 2018 movie “Honey: Rise Up And Dance” which starred Teyana Taylor.

Bryshere Y. Gray is also known by his rap name “Yazz the Greatest.”

Bryshere Y. Gray’s full name is Bryshere Yazuan Gray. He was born on November 28, 1993, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States to his mother, Andria Mayberry. As of September 2022, Bryshere Y. Gray is 28 years old.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s parents

Bryshere Y. Gray’s mother, Andria Mayberry is an American author and celebrity mother. She is popularly known for her autobiographical book about her son titled: “Before Empire: Raising Bryshere ‘Yazz the Greatest’ Gray.”

Mayberry got pregnant when she was just a teenager and was abandoned by Bryshere Y. Gray’s biological father. Andria Mayberry struggled to keep her son clothed, fed and properly taken care of. Gray was on the verge of being homeless before he got the part of “Hakeem Lyon” in “Empire”. His earnings from “Empire” helped him and his mother keep a roof over their heads.

The identity of Bryshere Y. Gray’s father is currently unknown. However, Gray revealed his father reached out to him when he became famous but he wasn’t ready to have a relationship with his father.

Bryshere Y. Gray and his mom, Andria Mayberry.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s siblings

Bryshere Y. Gray has a sister called Brianna. However, no information is currently available about her.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s marriage and wedding

As of September 2022, Bryshere Y. Gray is married to his wife Candice Jimdar. Bryshere Gray and Jimdar have been married since 2019. Prior to his marriage to Jimdar, Bryshere Y. Gray had an encounter with Jhonni Blaze, an R&B singer and former adult entertainer.

Bryshere Y. Gray carrying his sister’s child (niece).

Bryshere Y. Gray’s girlfriends

List of women Bryshere Y. Gray has dated:

  1. Bryshere Y. Gray and Jhonni Blaze dated briefly in 2017.
  2. Bryshere Y. Gray was rumoured to have been in a relationship with “Empire” co-star, Serayah McNeill in 2016. This was later found to be untrue.
  3. Bryshere Y. Gray was said to have had an encounter with Ayana Charm (who has been previously linked to Cardi B’s husband Offset) in 2017.
  4. Bryshere Y. Gray got married to Candice Jimdar in 2019.
Bryshere Yazuan Gray and supermodel Naomi Campbell played lovers in “Empire”.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s relationship with Jhonni Blaze

Jhonni Blaze (born Jzapal Jackson) is an American stripper, R&B singer, video vixen and former adult entertainment star. She was born on June 10, 1990, in New York, the United States and is currently 32 years old. Blaze is also known for appearing on the TV show “Love and Hip-Hop: New York.”

Back in 2017, Jhonni Blaze and Bryshere Y. Gray were both featured on “Love and Hip-Hop.” They also spent some time together outside the show. The two were seen having fun and looking cozy in several pictures. Jhonni Blaze and Bryshere Y. Gray were also spotted hanging out at an amusement park. Not much was heard about the relationship afterwards and it was believed that the affair must have fizzled out because Bryshere Y. Gray married Candice Jimdar two years later.

About Byshere Y. Gray’s marriage to Candice Jimdar

Candice Jimdar is an American school teacher with a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and is originally from the Caribbeans. She is popularly known in the media for being Bryshere Y. Gray’s wife.

Candice Jimdar and Bryshere Y. Gray initially kept their relationship private when they started dating. They got married in October 2019 in Goodyear, Arizona, the United States. According to Gray, their union was an open marriage where both parties are free to see other partners.

He said:

“We have an open relationship. I allow her to have a boyfriend because I’m really busy.”

However, nine months into their marriage, Gray assaulted Jimdar and was arrested by the police on charges of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 10 days in prison in July 2020.

It is currently unknown if Bryshere Y. Gray and Candice Jimdar are still married to each other. There were speculations that the two had ended their marriage with a quiet divorce. In addition to Bryshere Y. Gray’s 10-day jail term, he was also put on probation for 3 years, during which time he is not allowed to drink alcohol or have any contact with his wife, unless approved by the Adult Probation Department in Arizona.

Candice Jimdar.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s arrest

In July 2020, Bryshere Y. Gray hit his wife, Candice Jimdar. With the help of a “good Samaritan” neighbour, Jimdar was able to call the police. Jimdar reportedly had injuries all over her body. Jimdar alleged that Bryshere Y. Gray strangled her to the point that she lost consciousness. She added that Gray threatened to kill her with a bread knife.

When the police arrived, Bryshere Y. Gray locked himself in his home and refused to come out for about nine hours. He later took a plea deal after pleading guilty to the crimes listed against him. He was sentenced to 10 days in prison and put on a 3-year probation. He was asked to enrol in a domestic violence treatment program and was banned from using drugs and alcohol and possession of a firearm. As part of his probation terms, Gray was to pay restitution to his wife and would also take regular drug and alcohol consumption tests.

Bryshere Y. Gray during his arrest in 2020.

In 2019, Gray was also arrested because his temporary driver’s license did not match the 2014 Rolls-Royce he was driving. He was brought up on a misdemeanour charge and fined for driving an uninsured vehicle and failing to carry a driver’s license.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s kids

As of the time of publishing this article, Bryshere Y. Gray does not have any children yet.

About Bryshere Y. Gray’s gay rumours

In February 2015, a month after “Empire” was released, there were speculations that Bryshere Y. Gray was gay or, according to social media gossip, “not completely straight”. However, the actor cleared things up by tweeting:

“They funny, I’m not even gay, doe. No I’m not gay. I could never be gay, let’s make that clear.

In same 2015, Bryshere Y. Gray was a guest on the radio show “Ebro in the Morning” where one of the hosts ignorantly suggested that Gray’s rap name “Yazz” gave “too many gay vibes.”

Bryshere Y. Gray shut down the remark by stating:

“I’m the most heterosexual man you’ll meet in life.”

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