Tales from Gloria: In the Bush


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Tales from Gloria may
describe actual events but rarely are they represented as real as they 
occurred and most times actual names of people are not used.

Tales from Gloria continue
on DNB Stories every Saturday.
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9 Comments on “Tales from Gloria: In the Bush”

  1. Yay, Glo baby is back, u share d same name with my colleague at work who is also my partner in crime. My frd too. Although she is nt has badt as u are. SPECIAL REQUEST I WANT GLORIA TO PLS DROP A COMMENT TOO want go back to read and comment again later.

  2. Beautiful adventure Gloria, my dream is to have IT on d beach .
    @Dan biko forgive Gloria. Am pleading on her behalf.

  3. Okay, for your sake I will. But please you need to write us a story about that beach sex fantasy of yours *winks
    I don't know why I haven't seen Gloria's comment yet, that girl get issues.

  4. Hi guys. This is Gloria, so sorry i havent been able to comment since.
    @Sekinat, no mind Dan, i have his medicine. But babes, that beach stuff go make sense die. Hmm…now you have given me something to start working on.

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