Roommates: Episode 9

Tears of a Roommate

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22 Comments on “Roommates: Episode 9”

  1. Wow. Loveth pls don't die o. I hop Na one fine guy wan git her so she will forget abt the cheater.
    that Sharp girl Georgina don use d part of money invest on generator and a dvd.
    April watch out oo

  2. Aw! Let nothing happen to my loveth o. Georgina done buy generator inukwa
    DNB tnx 4 d entertainment

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    All previous comments have been moved from IntenseDebate back to blogger.
    All inconveniences regretted.

  4. Chai!!! Poor loveth, I can imagine the heartbreak dat lead her to loose her sense of reasoning. Nevertheless no man is worth dying for,i simply pray she survives. DBN so so on point,but waiting again for anoda whole week is killing me.huh. My curiosity boiling just too hot

  5. Loveth,don't die because of your boyfriend's infidelity, life must go on! Georgina your spending the money and you did not do any lee lee thing abi? hian,you go pay oooo!!

  6. Oh no, Loveth shouldn't die o. April should watch out for Josh i cos he's very much interested in her so she won't jeopardise her relationship with Harry. Nice one guys..keep it up.

  7. Wow!… really stuck on this. The translation of your imagination is so awesome. Great work guys, keep it coming.

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