Musings: Gloria Rambles

by Gloria Ezeh

Hello DNB Mamas and Papas!

Special respect to our reigning Madam, Mrs. Ijeoma.

So I got to the office today completely wet. Lagos rain is the most mischievous thing ever. Sometimes you wonder if it is on a mission and was particularly targeting you.

Anyways, it didn’t spare my boss either, and that’s a good thing. Whatever that is good for Gloria is also good for Mr. [make I no call name abeg!]

So, my DNB peeps, what is your secret of surviving this cold?

Someone suggested a hot tea; I ended up burning my tongue. So now my tongue is fried and tickly, but I’m still very cold.

Please don’t mention that other thing. I have tried that one too and the relief was only brief.

I need long-lasting remedy. What else can I try? I’m out of ideas.

Yes, let me quickly gist you about tomorrow’s episode of Roommates!

It was actually written by Daniel and me.

Did I hear you scream? Yea! Daniel and Gloria, bad combination, I know!

Right from our days as struggling newspaper journalists, till now that we are struggling storytellers, whatever we cook, no one can finish!

And so we cooked Episode Six of Roommates TOGETHER!!!

The show finally happened. And you just can’t wait to see what went on at that event.

What our roommates did.

Watch out for tomorrow, guys! DNB Stories is on top!

Yes, one more thing. I want to personally show gratitude to all that tell people about our stories.

Last month, we sold our most eBooks. When I received my own alert, I nearly screamed. It wasn’t big, but it is wonderful to know that we are reaping something from our sweat.

So please keep telling people about our books and how they can buy. It is not just about the money, but the motivation.

And there is no DNB book you will ever regret reading. Check out all our reviews, all greatly positive.

Our current bestseller is The Village Girl, though I’m kind of jealous. I want Tales From Gloria – Season 1 to grab that title. LOL.

I hate to say it, but I got to go for now. Catch up with me with your comments.


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23 Comments on “Musings: Gloria Rambles”

  1. Eyaah,sorry for your tongue! I wanted to suggest that other one to you but you said nah is a short time relief.But it depends on how and where etc you applied it o ooh!

  2. I followed all d directions but the relief never lasts. in the beginning it is good and then it gets better, better and very better, and then ooops!! we are right back the same place where it all started

  3. I've looked for your books on Okada books but didn't see it. Please what should I search for cos when I search for Ola it says title too short.

  4. Michie girl, just scroll down the Bestseller's column. Ola is currently at 250 downloads.
    Or you can search the key words – MOON MAIDEN. The book will come up.

  5. Dan I even scrolled down to 0 downloads and got nothing but ill type the name. Cos I'm desperate to read the full story "ol

  6. Biko, wat oda thing r u all talking about, cos I'll like to know. Who knows, it may work for me abeg. Ejoo, Gloria and iyke, pray tell biko. Ears seriously itching.

  7. Ok. Just type the words 'Moon Maiden' – the book will come up. We are already working with Okadabooks to provide us a separate column.

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