DNB Games!!!

Moderator: Gloria


So the winner of last week’s game is…

Ok, before that, I have to say that the stories were all amazing. Well, not that we had expected less—readers always make good writers!

But because of the rule, we can only pick one winner.

So the winner of last week’s game is ….

***Iyke David***

Here is the winning story:

“She was very beautiful to behold.
I did not waste time to woo her.
Today, she is the mother of my four kids.”

He actually wrote ‘woe’ instead of ‘woo’ but we forgive him.

The game question is ‘Tell a COMPLETE story in three sentences’ and his answer sure did that.

Congrats, Iyke. I’ve always known one day you will make us proud.

Now, this week’s question:

If you were to write a love story, what title would you give it?
We will choose the title that most appeals to us. Maybe, someday, write a story on it.

So the game is open from now to till Wednesday morning. The rules are still the same.

You can choose to congratulate Iyke David before writing down your answer.

Goodluck, DNB Mummies and Daddies!!

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31 Comments on “DNB Games!!!”

  1. I knew it, his story caught me and I knew it wouldn't be far from him. congrats Mr. Iyke and to ur wife, cos I think I won't be very far from the truth if I say she inspired your winning story.

  2. Congratulations Mr Iyke David. When I first saw ur answer dat day,i was a bit discouraged to make an attempt cos u got d right answer to the question. Wasn't surprise u won. Congrats once more. And for this week's question my answer is "MY ETERNAL.

  3. @Nma Ojike,@ Hotmum,@ Michie You are all too much!

    @ Nwosu nd Ujunwa Muobike, you made me blush! tanx to all in da house!

    Tanx aunty Glo for the correction, i will punish my secretary[ left middle finger] for that costly error!

    My own love story is **Please,Don't Say No**

  4. Congrats, Iyke. Liked your story too. I think you should write the full gist and send to us.

    My answer: 'Loving Nwamgbeke'

  5. nooooo unfair .how come dnb chose d person with d top commenter wah does dah say…I read better stories dan dah so I disagree on this..Mr iyke yes congrats buh I tink m gonna go all kanye west here #peace

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