DNB Games!!!

Moderator: Gloria

So our Guess-Who game ended yesterday.

Now let’s find out how well you know the Roommates.

Here is the original introduction of the roommates’ cast:
Except being in the same school and living in the same room, they have nothing else in common.

Absolutely nothing!

April is tall and thin, always aspired to become a model. A famous fashion model, so she ate cucumber and carrots for dinner and ran miles in her sleep.

Loveth is thick and not so tall. Call her fat and she’d smack your head so hard you get an instant headache.

Georgina prays more often than she eats, yet her misfortune knew no bounds.

This is the story of three roommates that may have you wishing you were living with them.

Or probably not!

I know by now you might have known the answer.

The picture is none other than our delectable Loveth! Wondering how she appeared so tall?

Our girl is on heels!!!

So our winners are:

Diana Rose

Ujunwa Muobike


Pamela Ugochi


Iyke David.

Congrats, guys!!! You’ve made me so proud!!!
This week’s game question:

Cecilia is a character in which DNB Story?
Drop your answers as comments!!!

Little gossip as usual before I go:

The next episode of Roommates titled Bad Hair Day will mark the beginning of the BATTLE. And yes, we are going to find out who Rachel really is.

Stay still.

Don’t bring down your breath yet!!!

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