Roommates: Episode 12


The Triangle


This is the end of Roommates Season 1.

We will take a week break.

Next week Saturday, we will reveal what to expect in Season 2.

The first episode of Roommates—Season 2 will be posted the upper Saturday.

Thanks for all the support and always help us share links to our stories.


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27 thoughts on “Roommates: Episode 12

  1. My goodness!!! What could be happening? April shouldn't have left for the hotel all by herself. I suspected a foul play when the call came in. As for Georgina, na Mrs Leeleean come carry her comot but I don't know what Loveth's situation might be, maybe Jackson came visiting. This suspense is too much for my liking. How do you guys expect us to cope till upper week? Anyway, it's a lovely story. Kudos to the DNB crew.

  2. Oh my God!!! Why do u have to stop there. i knew that guy called josh meant no good beside, why will you one visit a hotel when u are sick. Geo situation; it's either Mrs onuwa who arranged 4 her kidnap, or the person who has been tracing her and mrs onuwa…

  3. See, I don't like this suspense at all oo. Come and feel how my heart is beating Glo. Chai. Pls, I'll be back.

  4. Dan dis is NT fair, at least lets no ow season 1 ended. It is really a triangle. Am sure the whole event is into each oda.
    G dat is collectin things frm mama leelee don't no dt nothing goes for nothing.
    thumbs up guys!

  5. First time commenting on ur blog.Love ya stories,u guys r d BOMB. But this suspense it too much na,fingers crossed till upper saturday.

  6. Oh! What a huge suspense. Waiting anxiously to know what happened to the three roommates all at the same time.

  7. Eyahhhh…just wen its getting interesting. D suspense is alrdy killing me. I just hope Loveth is nt in trouble too.

  8. Omg. Ever since I discovered dis blog it's been tank God its Saturday. Gosh!! D suspense is pretty much. I pray natin bad happens to d roommates

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