African Poem: My African Beauty

by Daniel Nkado

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Her skin is as dark as coal
Her eyes black as tamarind
Nose straight and divided
Like the double gong

Her hair grew thick and dark
Her neck long and strong
She stands not a desiccated tree
She is full and edges rounded

Her smiles are slight and complex
Her gaze deep and penetrative
There is a fruity air to her breath
The zesty scent of cashew apple

In her slow, winding steps
Gentle determined gestures
I saw only one thing


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of

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22 Comments on “African Poem: My African Beauty”

  1. Makes me remember
    rejoice and shout with laughter
    throw all your burdens down
    if God has been so gracious as to make you black or brown.

    #team proudly black

  2. Tithe translation: Adumaradn means black makes you shine while dud bi koro ishin means black like the seed of a fruit called ishin ( which is a fruit that looks like cashew though not as soft with no peanut) The black seed is one of the finest black things on earth.

  3. Let me help her,guess she is busy,meaning is black and shine like shoe of a horse. The shoe of a horse is called koro isin.

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