Roommates: Season 3 Intro!

The opening episode of the newest season of Roommates premieres on DNB Stories next week.

It was a terrible fate for our beloved roommates last week after their plan went askew and all four of them got involved in a deadly complication.

The second season of Roommates saw the coming of a new roommate – Rachel– but with what happened last week, you shouldn’t be amazed if you see all new roommates in Season 3.

It may be surprising.

It may be sad.

But let’s keep our fingers crossed. Very tightly as we don’t want to reveal anything to you yet!

Till next week, guys!

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11 Comments on “Roommates: Season 3 Intro!”

  1. Very boring and annoying I tell you. A story that's once in a week and now this. I don't think it's right. This is not the right way to keep your readers coming back

  2. Hey guys, that's how we do it!
    A week break before the start of another season.
    If it's too boring you can't wait, then you can preorder for the complete new season and read and relax.
    As simple as that.
    It takes time and energy to create the outstanding episodes. Even TV series have over a year break.
    Meanwhile, you can help us by saving the intro poster and using it on your social media walls.
    You can also donate to us to enable us hire more hands.

  3. Hmmmmm. We'll keep our fingers crossed and wait. I know u want to give us a great episode one that's the reason of this delays. I bliv in u DNB. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hahahahaha! Mama Glo done vex o
    Please guys, we are not doing celebrity gossip here. Each post takes a huge amount of work to prepare.
    Don't make it seem as if we are lazy. We appreciate you all.

  5. Not hating 9because i am truly an ardent reader and know what it takes to write a story) but i think roommates is turning James Bond action Film! Much as i like the Josh Adams and harry/Mrs Onwa's company politics and intrigues, I preferred the intitial start up stories of 3 room mates living their normal lives in a university campus (hostel wahala, Lectures/lecturer wahala, boyriends wahala, Georgina and her various departments wahala! cult boys etc! i hope Glo mama would include these in part 3. Keep up the good work anyway.

  6. Thanks dear for the hint. We are just trying out several plots so that it doesn't get repetitive and dull.
    You will get more in-house drama in Season 3.
    And pls thanks to anyone that comments. That is the only way we know what you want n how to serve you better.
    And I was never offended, just thought everyone already knows about the 1 week gap.
    If we post new episodes of roommates every day, what happens to other posts?

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