Roommates: Season 2 Intro!!!

We really would not want to give out much.

All we got to say is that a new roommate is coming to town!

Now the real question is, who is she and who is she going to replace?

Which of the roommates didn’t make it out of the deadly triangle alive?




Keep those fingers tightly crossed!! DNB is here to THRILL!!!

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33 Comments on “Roommates: Season 2 Intro!!!”

  1. Helo everybody at dnb. I haven't been commenting, not rily my fault Bcos I hv been trying. I am using operamini.
    Please my name is Princess and I just want to say that I have grown helplessly attached to the roomates. Pls for my sake do not let any of them die please
    Wen I started reading this story, my friend in school told me about it, I dint know that I will feel this way over a story before. Please do not let anything happen to any of the roommates. I love them all. Please

  2. @Princess and Emmanuel, we love the roommates too, but one may have to go. Keep your fingers crossed though. Season 2 is hotter!

  3. U guys this is not fair. @Daniel just said one MAY have to go. Meaning its still under probability ryt?? Pls keep them alive for us..

  4. Ist time commenting here. I am Irene Segine. Daniel I am begging you no one should die you can add the new roommate to this new season. Thanks

  5. I trust DBN full time,but pls don't try anything with my Georgina,cos am madly in luv wit her character. Pls Madam Glo,cant see my hubby's n siblings votes,pls dear do Sumtin, even if my eternal doesn't win,deir support means a whole lot to me. Tanks a bunch

  6. Yes ooo! A new roommate is coming. She is tough, she is bold, she is fire!!! Please always comment on DNB Stories, that is the little you can do to encourage us. Also tell your friends about us. Bringing people to DNB is the fastest way to become a DNB personality…the name of our new roommate is [?] and she will be replacing [?]
    Stay with us!

  7. Uj. ask them to vote using a name. Voting as anonymous may send the comment to Spam. Also only one vote from the same IP adress will be counted

  8. Daniel, plz plz plz, let nothing happen to any of the roommates o. The new roommate should rent another room abeg

  9. @ UJ, you can ask them to comment again and be sure to see the moderation message to know that their comment had gone through.
    Voting can only be on the blog, on the game post.
    …answering for Gloria.

  10. Okay, let's see what Gloria will say about that. In the mean time, you can keep scouting for votes.
    Nana, you too! Good luck, amazons.

  11. But I actually lyk Loveth o…she may not be as vivacious as Georgian but her character is important. It won't be all that fun if all of them are alike.

  12. We are waiting for the next seasoning, hope Geo & Apirl are staying but this new roommate…..

  13. Yes, you can comment via facebook. I have been commenting anonymously all this while but recently am commenting via facebook. Am happy that my name appears on my post.

  14. All I see is the beautiful pair of shoe on display. I want!!! I still maintain dat Georgina is not dead. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

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