Something Bigger Than Love 2 – The End

NINE – The End



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The END.


From Dan.

Most of the characters and events described in this story although fictional were inspired by true-life occurrences.

Great pleasure to all that have contributed in one way or the other towards the making of Something Bigger Than Love.

In life, there are differences, irregularities, things that we yet cannot fully understand nor explain, but the real essence of living is co-habitation, being there for one another and most importantly showing more readiness to help than to judge.

After all, what is life if there is no love, and what is love, if there is no sacrifice?

Thank you so much for reading me.

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28 Comments on “Something Bigger Than Love 2 – The End”

  1. was crying after reading this. truly there is something bigger than love SACRIFICE.

    Thank u DNB. may ur lamp never die out

  2. Ohhhh Wow!!! Am nt happy that Mr. Johnson has to go like that but am happy that Ada is well again & Obinna is blessed. Thats nice….more grease to ur elbow Mr. Daniel Nkado & more grease to Dnb stories. I love u guys….

  3. WOW So interesting. i kinda of feel bad for Mr Johnson, despite all his money, he had to end up that way. am not sure felix really loved Ada. i mean he never confronted his brother to face rather than the text and message. am glad for obi and ada, even though they went through obstacle, everything end well for them. sacrifice is truly greater than love. obi sacrificed lot, why felix ran away. he loved but would not sacrifice.

  4. So touching i wish i can find someone who will luv me lyk dat,d story was nice.i luv u daniel u are d best more ink 2 ur pen.

  5. 'Something bigger than love' is a masterpiece and a half. I commend the artistic ingenuity behind this piece. Well done.

  6. APPLAUDISE !!!!!! I'm sooooooo proud of you Daniel Nkodo. You've done well. But please do not stop the structure you have in place on this blog. For as the saying goes,structure is the secret of increase. Be patient dan, do not stop pushing. You will definitely get there someday soon. Congratulations in advance and for the beautiful wrap of such a wonderfull and inspiring story. God's blessings.

  7. why did u do this to me dan????am crying like a baby,,did mr johnson have ti go like that?okay its just fiction,

  8. Nice story! I followed it from episode 1 to the end.Well,I cannot really conclude that Obinna really loved Ada because he was poor.Poverty and lack makes a man humble and stay with one woman.When money comes,his taste will change as he can afford to chase as many women as possible.I hope Obinna doesn't play another tune now that he is rich.

  9. Dan you are a champion really. Read it first on my way to work n it got me feeling somehow. Finally read it again now. It was really a deep story. I can't explain how I feel. First I tot Mr Johnson was going to use Obinna but very surprisingly this ending came unexpected. Thanks for such a moving piece.

  10. Indeed Sacrifice is bigger than love. Without emotional and physical sacrifice, love can never exist. That is why the saying goes that `love is pain`. Thank you so much Daniel for this thought provoking piece. Thank You!

  11. Mr Johnson were did you go now? That made you not come back ever. Beautiful story Dan, though we expect nothing less than brilliance.

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