African Poem: Only A Woman!

by Daniel Nkado

Shoulders so strong they could carry the weight of the world
Yet heart so gentle it fills the air with inexplicable comfort
A thousand pain and one during childbirth
Yet she endures even the hardest hurt from them

Only a woman!

The patience of a hundred snail steps
In her, the power to conceal, transform and captivate
Her fears and suspicions—
All that are capable of making any scream and screech
Safely hidden away in those smiles that are native to her

Only a woman!

A mother and a wife, she lets all around her shine
Her sadness she easily swallows, for others to be happy
Her happiness she readily gives up, for the joy of her children
Her pride, her worth—all that are priceless about her fail to matter
At that one cry of her baby

Only a woman!

In the rain and sun and cold, she toils
And yet still says to herself—who not better do this than me?
Her beauty is not in the clothes she wears
Or her figure or hair or eyes, but deep down in her heart it overflows

Only a woman!

She is everything that the world should be:
Strong and compassionate
Rough and smooth
Will and tears.

Only but a woman!

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