You Plagiarist, Be Warned!

by Gloria Ezeh

DNB Stories is not a charity organization.

If after reading our sumptuous stories here, you suddenly decide that blogging is what you’ve always been destined to do, then get ready to WRITE.

Don’t expect us to feed your petty ugly blogs and infantile Facebook pages.

Stop copying our stories to your blogs.

Stop it!

We work very hard to entertain our lovely and beautiful readers whom we cherish so much, just as much as they do us, but you, plagiarist, fraud and cheat, we don’t know you.

We can’t associate with you.

You are not one of us.

Go back to the filthy pit you crawled out from and remain there, you disgusting killer of dreams!


Please go.

Don’t visit this blog again to copy our content, or steal our idea for your own selfish gain.

We don’t want to perceive your repulsive smell ever again.

You are dangerous, move away and do that very fast!


Be warned, don’t come here again! This is your final warning.

My lovely DNB people, please help me to boo them.

Tell them to go and leave us alone!

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8 Comments on “You Plagiarist, Be Warned!”

  1. Thief! Thief! Go sit your butts and compose your own stories! Stop copying the stories our DNB crew broke their backs to write.

  2. Go ooo ooo ooo. Thieffffffff. Barawoooooo. God will punish anyone who copies and pastes our work. U will be punished on earth and in heaven

  3. Gloria making it anonymous won't get the desired result. In my opinion screen grab the persons page and paste here. Then report get the Dnb content that was lifted and we compare. If we your people whose got your back see what you see. Then you go ahead and report to the relevant authorities. This is no joke and no amount of booing will make it stop if the offender believes you are all bark and no bite.

  4. Lisa dear, mostly our problems are from these forum websites where everyone is free to post.
    As we are posting here, someone else is copying the stories immediately and posting to those forums in THEIR name, asking for likes and comments.
    Though,once, we've seen a blog asking people to buy our eBooks too.
    We are glad that the administrators of those sites are usually cooperative when we contact them.

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