10 Pictures that Prove Ghosts are Real?

by Gloria Ezeh

Daniel Nkado has featured ghosts in some of his books—most notably in the chillingly beautiful story— Grace Abounds—but really do you believe ghosts are real?

Take a look at these images, all sourced from the internet and mostly from the late spiritualist — William Hope, and tell us what you think!


Have you seen a ghost once??? Real ghost o, not Nollywood ghosts.

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5 Comments on “10 Pictures that Prove Ghosts are Real?”

  1. Not seen, don't think I want to either. But my mama claims she's seen one. I still wonder how true it is though.

  2. I haven't seen but I have had an experience I can't explain. I will rather say it was an angel, than ghost. We sure have mysteries on earth.

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