Hairstylist uses pepper spray on unhappy client

A hairstylist used pepper spray on a client who was unhappy with her haircut.

Bloomfield police say 35-year-old Maryam Simpson from New Jersey advertised her services online and was working in the client’s apartment on Oct. 13 when the two women began arguing.

Police say Simpson sprayed the woman in the face and ran out of the apartment. The client was treated for minor injuries.

Bloomfield police tracked down Simpson and arrested her Monday. She has been charged with aggravated assault and a weapons offense.

A telephone number couldn’t be located Wednesday for Simpson, who uses the name Freddy to advertise her services online.

Simpson, who goes by “Freddy” on classified ad website Craigslist to advertise her hair-cutting and styling services, was in the township apartment of a client on Oct. 13 when the woman expressed she was unhappy with her haircut, police said.



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