More women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton

by Staff writer

It may be one of the more shocking data points to emerge from Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory — more white women backed him than Hillary Clinton, national exit poll data show.

Trump received support from 53 percent of white women, while Clinton got 43 percent, according to the data, which were collected by Edison Research for The Associated Press, the TV news networks, and the New York Times.

That group voted for Trump despite allegations of sexual assault made against him and the vulgar remarks he made about women, and even though Hillary Clinton was in position to make history as the country’s first woman president.

White women were a key demographic, accounting for 37 percent of voters.

Within the white women voter segment, Trump did particularly well with non-college-educated white women, getting support from about 62 percent of that group, compared to 34 percent for Clinton, the data show. (Men in the non-college-educated segment favored Trump even more.)

Meanwhile, Clinton drew support from 51 percent of college-educated white women, compared with 45 percent for Trump.

Women of other races and ethnicities backed Clinton.

Black women supported her 94 percent to Trump’s 4 percent. Among Hispanic and Latino women, 68 percent voted for Clinton, while 26 percent favored Trump.

But those groups made up a smaller share of the electorate, with black women accounting for about 7 percent of voters and Hispanic and Latino women for about 6 percent.



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4 Comments on “More women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton”

  1. I'm a woman who was smart enough to see through identity politics and voted Trump! The rape allegations against him were pathetic smear attempts and were transparent to anyone who can think for themselves. He will be a great president and I am looking forward to the next 8 years!

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