Quarter of a Blue Moon – The End

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18 Comments on “Quarter of a Blue Moon – The End”

  1. Dnb unu abiakwa. And I wanted to buy d story when I had money and u refused now you putting it up for sale. There is god o

  2. Since DNB is doing shakara with their stories, am now a bonafide member of wattpad. So many stories. DNB keep selling ok. U will soon loose d little blog customers.

  3. haba…dnb it's not fair o someone be following u bumper to bumper n u think d best thing na to put am up for sale..issokay o

  4. This isn't right in anyway. Bye dnb. Wish you success in your enforced story buying. Even if I had wanted to buy not this way I regret following this story from day one self

  5. C'mon guys buy d eBook to support dnb na. They have really been trying and the stories are all awesome. Bought the book today and though I have my reservations I like how the story finally ended

  6. People sef.abeg dnb no be charity organization. I for one like this idea. The book is even N500 and everyone is screaming. What about all the other free stories you have been reading. Nawao. Dnb what I will advise is that you guys should go back to the method of sending special stories to those that donated before it appears on the blog…thanks

  7. Nigerians. Always wanting Osho free. You enjoyed reading the story. Now support it with a token of N500 and they are complaining.

  8. Funny how d story ended up being more about Sammy than amaka. Daniel pls keep writing. A sequel will be nice too because I really want to how Sammy ended up

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