How do you like your man to dress?

by Gloria Ezeh

Looks matter to everyone, there’s no denying that.

Women, however, have eyes of a hawk when it comes to observing how a guy carries himself.

You don’t have to look like Christian Bale from American Psycho or Joseph Manganiello or Trey Songz to catch a girl’s eye.

Being handsome does help, but being well groomed and put together is far more critical!

Below is a list of style packages for your dream man…look through and tell us your best and worst choice.

NB: Unless you are a man with special needs, this post is more relevant to DNB women.

1. The Casual Man

2. The Stylish Man

3. The Colorful Man

4. The Simple Man

5. The Swag King

6. The Son of the Soil


Gloria Ezeh is DNB Stories’ new fashion and style editor.


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