What Africans think of the Chinese…

by Rai Omido

As written by a Kenyan:

When I was young we used to associate China with fake products.

We even have a “Chinese” name for fake products: “Chinku”.

Even now, every fake thing in the streets, no matter where it came from is called chinku.

Me: So you have a new phone, huh? Is it original or chinku?

My Buddy: I got no idea.

Me: Why not check?

My Buddy: Opens back of the phone, sees “Made In China”. Shakes head. Ohh no!

Generally though, people see the Chinese as harmless and friendly.

But since they started building massive roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructure in my home country, the poor perception has noticeably started to change.


Rai Omido is a telecommunications student at Kenyatta University.


What do you think about the Chinese?

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One Comment on “What Africans think of the Chinese…”

  1. In Nigeria, fake products are called "chinko" too.
    Chinese companies have a reputation for abusing their staff.
    They may appear small and harmless but they make deadly bosses.
    I write this out of experience.
    As far as I am concerned the only good thing about China till date is Jet Li and Jackie Chan (is he really Chinese too)
    Well a lot of Nigerians (including me) like Chinese films and are ardent fans.
    Some of their products in the market are becoming quite well patronized. Talk about Techno and Infinix phones that sell in millions in Nigeria.

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