Straight men more likely to sleep with other men after taking alcohol, study shows

by Staff writer

A new study published in the The Journal of Social Psychology has concluded that alcohol increases straight men and women’s attraction to people of the same sex.

Researchers surveyed 83 heterosexual adults “walking between bars in a Midwestern town late at night” about their orientation and alcohol intake that night.

Afterwards, they made participants watch a 40-second video of “either a physically attractive man or woman drinking at a bar and chatting with the bartender.”

After watching the video, each participant was asked to rate their own willingness to “perform various acts with the person in the video — everything from buying them a drink to going home together to having sex.”

Researchers found that when heterosexual men had more than 10 drinks, they “expressed almost as much interest in a fellow man as they did a woman.”

They found similar increases in same-sex attraction for drunk women too.

“There could be several explanations why alcohol could make straight men more open to sex with other men,” says Daniel Villarreal of UnicornBooty.

“First off, similar to weed, alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions and makes them more open to trying new things.

“Secondly, a 2016 study showed that 21% of straight men watch gay porn, implying that the so-called straight men are more bisexual than they’re willing to admit.

“Women are three times more likely than men to admit their bisexuality.”

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