Lesbians are richer and happier than straight women, new study reveals

by Staff writer

A recent study that compared happiness levels based on sexual orientation has revealed lesbians to be the happiest of all other sexual orientations.

The Swansea University study also says that lesbians earn more money than their straight peers and are also more likely to be promoted.

“Lesbians earn more than heterosexual women, so they may enjoy some form of reverse discrimination at work in comparison to heterosexual women,” academic Samuel Mann told the Sun.

Their findings suggest that business bosses are attracted to the traits associated with lesbians – such as lower pregnancy rates – which allows them to climb the career ladder quicker than their counterparts of other sexual persuasions.

Coming just below lesbians in the “Happiness Ranking” are straight men who scored 5.171/7.

Happiness ranking by sexual orientation:

Lesbians: 5.184/7

Straight men: 5.171/7

Straight women: 5.166/7

Gay men: 4.745/7

Bisexual men: 4.648/7

Bisexual women: 4.574/7

Bisexual women are believed to be the most displeased with their well-being, which is comparable to an unemployed person or someone of suffering with an illness.

This is reportedly because they think they are stigmatized by sections of society.

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