12 most dangerous countries in the world for gay people

by Staff writer

With the recent legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US and Ireland, the list of gay-friendly countries are obviously increasing.

Even in countries where marriage between gay couples are yet to be made legal, communities and people are becoming more and more tolerant.

However, in these 12 countries, the story is different.

In these countries, being gay is extremely risky; victims risk being executed or sentenced to a long-term imprisonment.

1. Iran

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Sudan

4. Yemen

5. Nigeria

6. Somalia

7. Afghanistan

8. Mauritania

9. Pakistan

10. Qatar

11. Iraq

12. Mauritania


Do you think all countries should abandon their homophobic laws and become more friendly towards gay and transgender people?

Tell us what you think in your comments below…

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