Meet popular Sudan’s ex-Minister of Water Affairs – Mabior Garang De Mabior

Who is Mabior Garang De Mabior?

Mabior Garang De Mabior was the ex-Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Sudan. He was also appointed as the Minister of Interior in early 2020.

Mabior Garang is one of the youngest but radical ministers in Africa. The ‘selfie king’ as he is popularly called might be described as not being fit for his political positions based on his radical political views and lifestyle.

The minister is the son of the ex-Sudanese leader, John Garang. He became a topic for discussion on the media after his appointment due to his age, appearance, and carefree lifestyle.

He went viral on the media after he took to his Facebook page some time ago to share his ordeal during a cabinet meeting. According to him, he wore a red bow tie which was considered inappropriate for the confidential gathering and he was advised to go home to change it by one of the cabinet members, Doctor Riek Machar Teny-dhuorgon.

However, reports on the media had it that the minister was kicked out of the meeting based on his inappropriate dressing.

Full data profile of Mabior Garang De Mabior

Full nameMabior Garang De Mabior
Age44 years old
Birthday12 April, 1977
Place of birthJuba, South Sudan
ParentsLt. John Garang De Mabior and Mrs Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior
Marital statusSingle

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s childhood and education

Mabior Garang De Mabior was born on April 12, 1977 to ex-Sudanese leader John Garang and his wife, Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior at Juba, South Sudan.

The 44-year-old ex-minister relocated with his family to the United States of America in 1983 at the age of six and was enrolled in a school for his elementary education. His father pursued his graduate studies, while his mother got her G.E.D.

However, the family relocated back to Sudan after four years in 1987 to live with an uncle. Mabior Garang was later enrolled in the St. Francis School, Khartoum where he learned his native language, the Dinka language.

Mabior Garang’s parents

Mabior Garang’s father, Late John Garang De Mabior, was considered the most influential leader and hero of South Sudan before he died in a helicopter crash on July 30, 2005.

He was the founder and leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) from 1983 to 2005 during the second Sudanese civil war. He was also the first Vice President of the country from July 9, 2005, till the very day of his death, July 30, 2005.

Late John Garang De Mabior was an Economist by profession before he became a Sudanese leader. Mabior’s mother, Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior is also a prominent politician in South Sudan. She served as Roads and Transport Minister and also as Presidential Advisor shortly before the outbreak of another civil war in December 2013.

She is currently one of the five Vice-President teams for President Salva Kiir. She is alleged to be the drive behind her son’s sudden political appointments and adventures.

The parents of Mabior have a cordial political relationship with former Prime Minister of Kenya, Ralia Odinga.

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s career

Mabior Garang was the spokesman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) before he was appointed the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in April 2016.

It was heard that his appointment complied with the peace agreement among the conflicting factions of South Sudan which led to the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGOUN).

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s lifestyle and appointment as Sudan’s Minister of Water Affairs

The minister with street credibility was said to have been influenced by his mother into pursuing a career in politics since his lifestyle contradicted what is required of a politician.

He was said to have been in a critical condition at Doctor Mvungi’s hospital in Kinondoni as he passed out in his hotel room after consuming a large dose of drugs some years before his appointment.

Reports also had it that he was caught in August 2014 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a loaded pistol in an attempt to assassinate the President-General, Salva Kiir of Sudan.

He had in August 2012, two years prior to this assassination move, made public criticism of President General Salva Kiir Mayardit. According to him, the General was a poor successor to his father’s legacy as the people of Sudan have found his leadership unsatisfactory.

It was during this period that Mabior launched his opposition movement before he was made a minister in 2016. In contrast to the minister’s lifestyle, he wrote a book in July 2019 titled “The meaning of Liberation in the context of the independence of South Sudan”.

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s wife

As of the time of writing this report, there is no available information about Mabior Garang’s wife or girlfriend. It is not publicly known if the minister is married or engaged to anyone.

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s children

There is also currently no available information about Mabior Garang De Mabior’s children, if he has any.

Mabior Garang De Mabior’s net worth

Sudan’s Water Affairs Minister, Mabior Garang De Mabior has an estimated net worth of about $700 million dollars.

Mabior Garang De Mabior on social media

Mabior is active on Instagram as @Mabior Garang De Mabior. His Twitter handle is @TaoOfGarang.

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