Movie actor wants to become governor, but Nigerians don’t think he is serious

by Staff writer

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie last month took to his Instagram account to announce his intention to contest the upcoming gubernatorial election of Anambra State.

Yul, who is also the son of veteran movie star, Mr Pete Edochie, wrote under the campaign poster he shared on Instagram:

“My name is Yul Edochie. And I’m running for Governor of Anambra State. 2017. #TheLastBusStop.”

According to the 35-year-old actor, Nigerians need a new brand of leaders that will put the masses first as the old ones have all failed.

“We need a new brand of Leaders who will put the masses first. The older ones have failed us for too long… They have come to THE LAST BUS STOP!!!” Yul wrote on Instagram.

The actor reiterated this statement again in a recently released video, saying there is an urgent need for “young and vibrant” leaders because the past leaders only care for themselves.

However, it appears a lot of people are yet to believe the actor is serious with his intention to run for governor.

“What is the name of this movie?” someone wrote on the popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland.

Others had reasons to doubt Yul is the best candidate for a state governor.

“Acting is not politics,” someone commented.

Some even advised him to abandon his political ambition and join the Biafra struggle.

The Biafra separatist group, IPOB, under the leadership of Mr Nnamdi Kanu has declared the coming Anambra State governorship election is not going to hold.

The group over the months has become unrelenting in their pursuit for a new republic.

If elected, Yul is going to be one of the very few young persons to ever hold a political office in Nigeria.

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