The new Firefox browser update is not so fantastic in Africa

by Staff writer


Mozilla just released an upgraded version of its Firefox browser on Tuesday. 

Called Firefox Quantum, 
Mozilla says the browser is twice as fast as the old version and uses 30% less memory than Google’s Chrome browser. 

It also features content recommendations from the reading-list app Pocket.

However, as enticing as this news sounds, the new Firefox seems not to be all that excellent in Africa. 

Though the upgrade was supposed to make the browser faster and more fun to use, it appears to be achieving quite the opposite in Nigeria where a lot of people still browse with 2G network. 

The browser turned sluggish and tedious to use after the upgrade and just a lot of people we contacted confirmed the experience. 

“I just had to uninstall the browser completely,” one user informed us. 

Perhaps, Mozilla could have just given us all the option to decide whether or not we want an update, and to downgrade if not necessary.

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  1. Firefox 57 also includes built-in screenshot functionality, improved tracker blocking and support for WebVR to enable websites to take full advantage of VR headsets. Also, they are planning to speed things even further by leveraging modern GPUs in the near future.

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