Network providers with the best data plans in Nigeria

by Staff writer

Data subscriptions can be quite expensive in Nigeria. Some Nigerians spend over 10K a month on data subscriptions alone.

This amount can be “too much” if you are a student or without a well-paying job.

Nigerians are constantly seeking to know the network providers with the best and cheapest data plan bundles in Nigeria.

But the answer to this query is hardly a straightforward one.

Below is a list of four indices for measuring a network provider’s service:

a. Coverage

b. Cost

c. Browsing Speed

d. 4G Service

The current four (4) most popular network providers in Nigeria are:

i. GLO Nigeria

ii. MTN Nigeria

iii. AirtTel Nigeria

iv. 9 Mobile Nigeria

1. GLO Nigeria

Nigeria’s Glo Network is famous for its very cheap data bundles. In fact, this network currently offers the cheapest data rates than any other internet provider in Nigeria.

But while the network scores really high in cost, it leaves very little to be desired in terms of coverage and browsing speed.

Glo’s social media profiles are saturated with disparaging comments from thousands of subscribers grumbling about the company’s bad network.

And it appears Glo is doing so little about these issues as the network has not recorded any improvement in recent times.

Here is a summary of GLO Nigeria’s service score:

a. Coverage – 50%

b. Cost – 90%

c. Browsing Speed – 60%

d. 4G Service – Yes

2. MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria enjoys a pioneer’s advantage; it is the first privately-owned mobile network in Nigeria. The network currently has the highest number of subscribers in Nigeria.

MTN’s network coverage is super good — there are only a few places in Nigeria (mostly very remote) that MTN does not cover. Browsing speed is also good but data bundles can be outrageously expensive.

Here is a summary of MTN Nigeria’s network service score:

a. Coverage – 90%

b. Cost – 40%

c. Browsing Speed – 80%

d. 4G Service – Yes

3. AirTel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria has seen more structural changes than any other Nigerian mobile network. In fact, AirTel Nigeria has been bought over and resold more times than any other Nigerian network provider.

Perhaps these changes have worked in AirTel’s favor as the network is not really doing bad in most areas that have to do with internet service provision.

Airtel sort of stays in the middle for all the indices used in assessing its network service, which is not a bad thing if you ask me.

Here is a summary of AirTel Nigeria’s network service score:

a. Coverage – 70%

b. Cost – 70%

c. Browsing Speed – 80%

d. 4G Service – Yes

4. 9 Mobile

9 Mobile (formerly Etisalat NG), just like its predecessor is not a bad network at all. Coverage and speed are all great but cost can be an issue.

Here is a summary of 9 Mobile’s network service score:

a. Coverage – 70%

b. Cost – 50%

c. Browsing Speed – 80%

d. 4G Service – Yes

The best internet service provider in Nigeria:

Here is a summary of how each Nigerian network provider scored:

1. AirTel Nigeria – 220%

2. MTN Nigeria – 210%

3. GLO Network – 200%

4. 9 Mobile – 200%

According to the final scores, AirTel Nigeria is currently the best network/internet service provider in Nigeria.

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