Why are there so many churches in Nigeria?

by Gbenga Elutidoye

Why are there so many churches in Nigeria?

The real question should actually be why shouldn’t Nigeria have so many churches…

Where do you expect all the miracle hunters, quick money chasers and delusion mass of papa and mama worshipers to assemble?

Where will people who blame their self-inflicted misfortune on the expedient scapegoat – the devil – express such constantly with a mass approval?

Have you forgotten the power of the “Daddies” and “Mummies”? – who can change fortune with prayers laced with twisted tongues in hurrying time?

After going through this sort of hardship or earthly hell in Nigeria where do you want people to take solace while anxiously hoping to make the promised heaven?

Where do you want all the “money doublers” to rally – those who pay a hundred naira offering with “faith” that someone is going to offer them a job in Shell even though they never applied or qualify for such position in the first place.

Or where will all the hypocrites gather with their well-pressed sanctimonious coats?

Show me where we can freely wish others – our imaginary enemies death/harms freely if we don’t have as many of these churches nearby.

How are we going to be able to make some mega-rich with the few that we muster through the offering?

Where are we going to be able to purchase hope with a tithe – if we don’t have these much number of churches?

Where will give us room to lie to ourselves that we are holy when we clearly know we are not?

Where else will people go to on Sunday lest they are tagged a “devil” – where?

FYI: I am Christian – the one Jesus defined as love for God, and love for man.


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