Who is Kayode, BBNaija’s alleged cameraman people talk about?

One of the most intriguing aspects of the BBNaija show is the secrecy attached to its production. And this is not just in the Nigerian version of Big Brother – all versions of the show across the world imitate one particular factor of the show – the eye that sees everything but is never seen.

Except for the housemates who are the participants of the show, the identity of all other persons involved in the show’s making remains undisclosed, from the BBNaija production crew, cameramen, ninjas, content directors, and even Big Brother himself who show viewers can only hear but never see.

Filmmaker Gbenga Kayode is probably one of the most well-known members of the BBNaija production team and it is not uncommon to see his name mentioned on BBNaija threads on social media. Either Nigerians are berating him for taking the camera away from a housemate they wanted to see more of, or they are begging him to stop giving a particular housemate too much camera time.

Gbenga Kayode is a Nigerian film writer, editor, director, producer who has been involved in a lot of DSTV and Africa Magic projects before, including Big Brother Naija and The Voice.

Is Gbenga Kayode BBNaija’s cameraman?

Gbenga Kayode is a popular filmmaker who runs Kadi Media LTD, a top-class film production company in Africa. Kayode has worked on previous BBNaija seasons as a series director but not as a cameraman. While Nigerians often refer to Kayode as BBNaija show’s cameraman, he is actually more like the director of cameramen in the BBNaija shows. Gbenga Kayode has worked on previous seasons of BBNaija (Seasons 2, 3 and 4) and it has been confirmed he is also involved in the ongoing BBNaija Season 5 Lockdown season. Asides BBNaija, Gbenga Kayode was also the head of post-production in the first Project Fame reality TV show in Nigeria.

Gbenga Kayode became more known as the series director of the Big Brother Naija shows in 2017 when he replied Nigerians criticizing the show’s production in South Africa on social media. Nigerians have at that time debated on social media that the show’s production in South Africa makes it less Nigerian. Previous seasons of BBNaija – BBNaija Season 2, tagged See Gobe and BBNaija Season 3, tagged Double Wahala, were all shot in South Africa and the shows’ participants who are all Nigerians had to travel to South Africa for the shooting.

The 2019 season of BBNaija, tagged “Pepper Dem” was shot in Nigeria, becoming the first BBNaija season to be fully shot and produced in Nigeria. The ongoing BBNaija Season 5 “Lockdown” is also being shot in Nigeria.

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