Churches want TB Joshua banned in Israel

by Staff writer

Prophet TB Joshua, easily one of the biggest miracle pastors in Nigeria, was scheduled to have a 2-day power crusade in Mount Precipice, Nazareth, on June 23 and 24.

But Israeli churches, Islamic clerics and political groups have teamed up to say they don’t want Nigeria’s king of miracle in their country.

Israel’s popular newspaper, Haaretz, reported that the churches and Islamic leaders want TB Joshua’s planned crusade cancelled and the prophet banned from preaching in Israel.

According to the newspaper, the church leaders begged residents to shun the crusade while warning them against false prophets, who seek to deceive others with miracles.

“We beg you not to play in the hands of those organizing this type of festival which is an affront to the principles of Christianity, and our national identity, and deals a blow to the social fabric of a city like Nazareth,” the churches were quoted as saying.

Some of the groups also cited TB Joshua’s source of wealth as part of their concerns.

“What’s more, the man is known to have grown wealthy in a way that has raised many questions and therefore we view such a visit as an illegitimate step which contaminates the city and its historic heritage,” they reportedly said.

The group also claimed that TB Joshua has been denied entry into many other countries he intended to go and preach in before.

“We have asked to take an in-depth look at this issue, at why a city like Nazareth would receive such a person who is denied entry to many countries on grounds of criminal suspicions and given his links to the extreme right in Israel,” they said.

The church leaders and groups also rejected claims that TB Joshua’s crusade will improve the city’s economy.

“And we absolutely reject the mayor’s claims that such an event would bring $1 million to the city and would see such a sum were it to actually materialize as an illegitimate contribution that would contaminate the city,” they reportedly said.

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