New study reveals the orgasm capital of the world!

by Staff writer

Have you ever wondered which country has the best sex?

Sex toy company LELO recently conducted a global survey to find out which country has the most orgasms and where they’re the most intense.

‘Coming’ in first is Norway, with 35% of respondents claiming to orgasm every day.

The global average is just two to three times a week.

With 35 percent of the people saying they have orgasms every day, Norway seems to be the orgasm capital of the world.

The study also revealed the gender-based disparity in orgasm rates as only 64 percent women reported to always climax during sex, compared to 91 percent men — thus highlighting the need for more focus on female orgasm.

Meanwhile, 65 percent Brazilians said they make a lot of noise when they climax and 34.7 percent Australians claimed they are usually quiet.

Very few African countries participated in the survey.

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