5 major things to know before dating a writer

by Staff writer

Whether a best-selling author, a blog writer or even just a newspaper journalist, dating a writer can be frustrating.

From their messy moods to weird sense of style, writers can be a handful.

Here are the top 5 things to expect after saying yes to a writer:

1. Get ready for the arguments

There is nothing a writer enjoys more than picking your brains out. Finding a way to disagree is a hobby for them. But don’t always misunderstand this — it is not really you but them. As chronic consumers of information, the writer is only trying to be absolutely sure there is nothing else left in you they could feed on.

2. Get ready to sleep alone

That same time you wrap yourself in the warmth of the sheets to pass into the obliviousness of sleep is the same time a writer’s inner demons awaken.

From werewolves, zombies to vampires, writers harbor them all. And once a writer’s beast awakens, he/she must feed it!

3. Get ready for the pessimism

Even when all roads appear to lead to an easy success, the ever judicious writer is able to pin down that one very tiny loophole that ordinary eyes are not able to see!

4. Get used to the constants ‘nos’

Nobody says no as easily as a writer. They are not afraid of you or society, so saying yes just to please you is never an option.

5. Get ready to inspire a story

Of course you can’t tell a writer what to do. You can’t tell them not to put you in their next story or essay. But don’t worry as this is more of an honor than anything else.

In a world filled with normal people, being chosen as a source of inspiration by a writer is a thing of pride.


Beside all of these, nonetheless, writers could be one of the best set of people to date.

They are honest, faithful, and are rarely dumb!

And they are loaded with lots of exciting things to keep you eccentrically entertained every moment of your life.

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