The THING about dating a feminist!

by Alpha Zaddy

A girl that I once dated was by far more attractive than her two roommates.

She was a real FINO (feminist in name only).

Her two roommates were the real bad ones. So bad that I got into conversations where they tried to persuade me that guys only want to fuck hot girls because we are conditioned that way by society, not because our dicks have been naturally standing at attention for hot girls over the past million years.

They argued that everybody is secretly gay but society conditioned us to be attracted to the opposite sex. They also were arguing how society displays masculinity as if men are supposed to be cocky, muscular, athletic, etc and shouldn’t be little skinny boys that express their inner feelings like feminists think they should be.

All that bunch of sh*t about “toxic masculinity”. You know the typical feminist way of ignoring biology. Needless to say I would treat their arguments as if they were 5-year-olds trying to tell me the moon was made out of cheese.

This enraged them. To the point that it made it around to me through the grape vine that they detested me and that I was a typical misogynist muscle head frat boy. I didn’t care, I was still fucking my hot girlfriend.

One of the girls had no boyfriend and didn’t hook up with any guys (I think she’s a lesbian) and the other has an extreme beta skinny little boyfriend.

Even through all of this, the feminist roommates gushed over engagement rings and wedding reality shows, as if gender roles didn’t matter when it benefits women (of course they don’t).

Even still, they were infinitely more militant about feminism than my girlfriend was. Like feminist bumper stickers kind of militant.

Regardless, my girlfriend mostly kept her mouth shut during these kinds of arguments, though every so often expressing her opinion about how women don’t need no man, how independent she was, etc. Once again, “Ok babe whatever you say” I would reply with a sarcastic smile.

I think she knew that deep down she was attractive enough to realize that feminism is a crutch for the women that need an excuse in society and live in complete victimhood, all while damaging “men” who join their side to benefit their “greater good”.

In a nutshell, she knew militant feminism is a whole load of horse shit.

Points I drew from this experience:

1. Most women are feminist in name only, especially the attractive ones. Only mentioning the F word where it offers more benefits than other available options. Opportunist feminists!

2. A girl who claims to be feminist will shit test you about it, and you shouldn’t be afraid to treat it as retarded (because it really is).

In life, women don’t adhere to any true principles. Except just hypergamy.

3. The militant feminist with a boyfriend will always wear the pants in her relationship, unless she got lucky with an alpha and even then he’d only put up with her shit for so long.

4. The ugly fat feminist without a boyfriend, well, will remain a feminist till she finds a boyfriend.

5. All in all, feminism hurts women and hurts vulnerable men even more.

While choose to live life over-thinking and over-calculating everything, when you only could just LIVE?

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