12 ways you are a terrible feminist

by Daniel Nkado

Feminism is slowly turning into a fancy word — like just a title people use in order to feel sophisticated or create the impression of smartness.

True, we have the good ones who really understand and practise what they preach but a far greater majority of women still only turn feminists when it suits them!

Here are some of the ways you are a terrible feminist:

1. You still expect a man to offer you his seat

You’re both fit, young adults in a train or bus, yet you’re somehow thinking the man has to stand up for you to sit.

2. You still flirt to get what you want

You didn’t even realize it, but you definitely switched to your ‘sweet girlie smile’ when you asked for some help getting your suitcase up the stairs!

3. You still use gendered insult

Go back to all those times you shouted “men are scum” and “men are trash” and see how feminist that makes you.

4. You still want to be paid for on a date

5. You still expect not to pay to enter a club

6. You still expect the man to finance your wedding

7. You still tell your kids to go to their father for their money needs

8. You complained when your husband said he wants to stay at home and do the chores while you work

9. You still express surprise at seeing a woman doing a job considered to be ‘male’

If you’re on a plane and a female voice delivers the ‘this is your pilot speaking’ announcements and you nudge your neighbour and whisper ‘we have a LADY pilot!’ — you are a horrible feminist.

10. You still expect men to buy you gifts

11. You still touch men inappropriately and not care. And you never teach your daughters not to touch men.

12. You hit a man first and expect him not to hit you back!

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