7 things I did that surprisingly helped me survive depression

by Noah

After I wrote this list, I thought to myself: Someone somewhere is going to say, “You weren’t really depressed if you could muster up the energy to do all that!”

But believe me, I was depressed. Like really suicidal.

But I did these things one by one over a long period of time and it worked for me. That’s why I’m recommending them to anyone struggling with the condition.

Please Note: If you want to follow my advice, I recommend foremost that you seek professional help too.

1. I started running

It took me about a month before I realized that any form of exercise is exceptionally good for not just your physical health but your mental health as well.

2. I started meditating

I used to panic about everything until I started meditating. Now I’m a pretty chill dude. It doesn’t mean stressful things no longer happen to me, but whenever they do, I could handle it without really getting so worked up.

3. I cut sugar out of my diet (mostly)

I did this partly to lose weight, but I also noticed I felt a lot better after I did so. I had more energy, I was happier, it was just great.

4. I decided I would try to get a good sleep every night

Getting a good night sleep helps to not be super sleepy all the time and it was great. I think we are built to be more active in the day and rest at night.

5. I stopped eating fast food

Eating too much of fast food over a long period of time can be both damaging to your physical health as well as your mental health.

6. I stopped watching porn

I was just addicted to it, then I realized I had a harder time getting aroused the more often I did it, and I knew of the benefits of stopping, so I mustered up the willpower to do it. And since then I have no regrets.

7. I started reading

I discovered reading helps me to reduce stress. I laugh at funny stories and cry at sad ones. With time I learned to connect better with the things around me.


Surviving depression is a process and I still have a long way to go, especially in losing weight and learning how to socialize, but I’m a pretty happy guy right now.

I don’t know how helpful this advice would be to other people with depression, but I thought I’d share it.

Hopefully it can help someone.

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