Artificial hair for bald men is a life saver

by Staff writer

Over the years, men have not been very lucky with beauty and makeup options. In fact, even till now, men cannot safely wear makeup without attracting some type of ridicule.

Even though hair loss has been found to lower self-esteem in men and even cause depression, bald men cannot easily get help.

Luckily, things are changing.

Fashion trends are becoming more unisex and less gender specific.

Weaves, which for decades have been associated with women, especially black women, are now being made for men too! A situation many balding men have described as a ‘life-saver.’

Man weaves, which in most are 100 percent human hair, are now available for all hair types, from Caucasian and Latino to Black.

Though it is still expensive to get one — a single installation of a man weave, including special custom made hair units, can cost anywhere from $275 to $800 — but hopefully things will balance out in no time as more and more manufacturers step into the business.

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