The new way men are now shaving their chest hair – Read

by Miz Tee

When men started shaving their chest hair, most women did not understand it.

When they started shaving it into bikini tops, women became even more perplexed.

Now a new trend is in town and it is called the ‘Split-Shave’ style.

Basically, this involves only shaving half of the chest and leaving out the other.

Just like when the ‘bikini chest hair’ trended some three or four years ago, nobody has a clear explanation why this style emerged.

One Twitter user we interviewed has this funny answer to give:

“I’ve dated women who liked and did not my chest hair,” he said.

“Shaving this way will mean everyone is covered as I am currently single and looking for a girlfriend.”

Ladies, what do you think?

Yay, or Nay?

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