How Google pay bloggers

by Staff writer

Yes, Google does pay bloggers but you first must apply to Google Adsense and get approved before Google can start paying you.

When you have a blog that you think is up to standard and is in no violation with Google policies, you can apply to Google Adsense.

Once approved, Google can begin sending adverts to your page. On your Adsense page, you can choose the kind of ads you want or not want from Google.

You can also view your earnings on the Adsense page. Typically, you earn money based on the number of times your blog visitors view or click on the ads.

Because Google has put a threshold for all accounts, you will not receive your payment until your earnings reach $100 — that is the amount you must have earned before Google can send you your payment.

Also, Google can decide to put your payment on hold if they found that your blog has violated any of their rules.

Once you reach the payment threshold and your account is not on hold, you will get your payment on or between 21st-26th of the month.

How you receive your payment depends on the payment option you choose, such as bank transfer or a cheque.


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