4 groups of people you NEVER want to meet online

by Staff writer

While some may consider the faceless communication we do on the internet a plus, a few others have found a way to create an unhealthy nuisance out of the situation.

There’s been a lot of cases of people leaving the internet because of the offensive messages they get.

Here are four groups of internet folk you don’t want to run into online:

1. The trolls

The sole of purpose of this group is to annoy you. And the more you pay attention to them, the more they frustrate you. They leave digressive and off-topic posts on your wall just to upset you. The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer them. You can also report or block them, else they’d drive you insane.

2. The grammar Nazis

This is a group of walking dictionaries strolling round the net and looking for simple grammar mistakes to correct. They are not really interested in the message you are trying to pass; all they want to do is show themselves by correcting you. Even under very sensitive posts, the grammar Nazis do not relent.

3. The Angry Birds

Everything offends this group. Even something as simple as a birthday post for a loved one. They will scour through the post and find one thing to pick at and barrage you for. There is no need trying to please these ones. Even your persistent attempt to be nice to them angers them the more.

4. The reporters

Unlike the angry birds that’d even bother to let you know they’d found your post offensive, this group do not have that time. The only thing that’d appease them is for your post to disappear. They are very familiar with the report buttons of all the social media platforms and it doesn’t take them much to get you banned!

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