Katy Perry becomes the new queen of memes with her Grammys’ pink gown

by Staff writer

Just like Rihanna’s fried egg dress in 2015, Katy Perry’s fluffy and structured pink gown at the 2019 Grammys has brought on another memo-calypse.

Hundreds of memes have so far been generated about the dress, with the star even re-posting some herself.

1. Here, someone compares her to a paint roller:

2. Another person thinks she’s hiding Nicki Minaj underneath the dress:

3. Here, she is an ice cream!

4. Oh well!

5. Katy Perry eating Katy Perry — fantastic!

6. Lol!

7. No words!

8. She is on Tampax!

9. A bowling pin too!

10. Okay…we are done!

Cardi B’s ‘oyster’ dress is not left out too!

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