If you haven’t started ‘slaying’ at this age, you will never ‘slay’ again

by Staff writer

Ever wondered at what age rests the peak of your slay game?

Science has the answer!

According to a recent study that took a closer look at British ladies and gentlemen, women are most fashionable at the age of thirty.

In fact, not only are women more confident at this age, researchers also say that by thirty, women tend to own more valuable clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry.

The study also revealed that by this age, on average, women own “212 style items totaling £7,658 – making her wardrobe more valuable at this age than at any other time in her life.”

Men, however, reach their style primes a little later in the game.

36, to be exact!

By this age, they “own an average of £8,868 worth of style, including 182 items of clothing, designer shoes, watches, bags and jewelry.”

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