Should I only be writing evergreen content on my blog?

by Victor Uma

First of all, what is evergreen content with regards to blogging and internet marketing?

Evergreen content is a term that describes all forms of content that stay relevant for a long time.

Just like evergreen trees like the pine or fir that retain their leaves throughout seasons without shedding, evergreen content continues to be relevant many many years after its publication.

Top examples of evergreen content are those in the formats of:

a. Lists

b. Top Tips

c. “How To” Tutorials


d. Product Reviews

Contrastingly, the content formats below are not considered evergreen:

a. News articles

b. Statistics or numerical reports that are likely to change and go out of date

c. Pieces about a specific holiday or season

d. Articles focused on a current trend or pop culture fad


e. Latest clothing and fashion trends

A good example of an evergreen content on this blog is “How To Get Over A Heartbreak“.

So, because evergreen content stay relevant for a long period and keeps driving traffic, should a blog now exclusively write such content?
The simple answer to this is NO.

Evergreen web content is very valuable, but that isn’t to say that all your content needs to be evergreen – timely, topical pieces have their value as well.

Writing about currently trending topics on your blog will bring loads of traffic for the period these topics are relevant.

It also helps inform your blog readers that your blog is contemporary and up-to-the-minute.

The best content marketing strategy relies on a mix of both topical articles and long-lasting evergreen posts!


Victor Uma is a senior editor at DNB Stories.

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