Cubana Chief Priest arrested – More details about his detention

Nigerian club owner and show promoter Cubana Chief Priest has been arrested.

He was arrested in connection to questions concerning the source of his wealth as well as his alleged misuse of police escorts and weapons.

Cubana Chief Priest whose real name is Pascal Okechukwu is the Executive Director of Cubana Group.

Mr Okechukwu was detained at Force Headquarters Annex, Lagos, today for alleged misuse of police escorts and weapons as well as his unexplained wealth.

A top police official disclosed Cubana Chief Priest is being interrogated for misuse of police personnel as well as illegal use of weapon and his extravagant and unexplained lifestyle.

Cubana Chief Priest is well known for posting pictures of his extravagant lifestyle on Instagram.

Image: Cubana Chief Priest posing with bundles of freshly minted notes.

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