Rema accused of rigging his “Ginger Me” challenge

Nigerian musician Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, is known for engaging with his fans on social media through contests and challenges – which is also a way of promoting his songs.

In his latest challenge called the “GingerMe Challenge”, Rema asked his female fans who are single to post a flattering photo of themselves using the hashtag #GingerMe to stand a chance of going on a date with him.

The challenge was favourably received with many female Twitter users posting their pictures.

Rema announced the winner of the challenge personally on Tuesday and Nigerian Twitter users were quick to discover something fishy.

The “lucky winner” of Rema’s #GingerMe Challenge was a lady named Nimie (@nimiie_ on Twitter). It was revealed that same lady had won an earlier contest from Rema in February.

Nigerians accused Rema of orchestrating the entire contest, stating that Rema has been in the previous communication with his claimed winner.

Making matters worse, it was also discovered that Nimie just opened her Twitter account a few hours before the winner announcement and had very few tweets, reinforcing the suspicion that the contest was rigged from the beginning.
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